SBS 5001

Balancing Measuring Device

Basic information

  • Radio comunication between measuring unit, router and mobile phone
  • Very accurate measuring with true differential pressure sensor and 24 bit data processing
  • Measuring unit with the possibility of independent programable records
  • Thermometer PT100 for external connecting to the measuring unit
  • Proportional balancing method
  • Working with the projects, basic heating calculations
  • Measuring unit with the possibility of undipendend programable records
  • Measuring unit with supplying from Li-Ion rechargeable batery
  • Userfriendly and multilingual software
  • Large database of balancing valves with pictures from major european producers
  • Separated measuring unit and processing of datas on the mobile phone with OS Android

Technical details

SBS devices line is prepared for the users, which are solving difficult problems by the balancing hydronic systems. It´s our highest technology line of the balancing devices.

SBS5001 is new generation of measuring device, which is replacing the prior succesfull model SBS5000 MS and comes with a lot of important improvements and generaly new solutions by the measuring and balancing of hydronic systems.

This new solutions are unique on the market with balancing devices.

The device SBS5001 is designed for the servis and hydronic balancing heating and cooling systems.

SBS5001 give you the possibility to use for the hydronic balancing of the sytem the proportional balancing method. This is possible due to connecting of two measuring units on line. For getting needed distance between mobile phones and measuring unit on the reference balancing valve you can use three routers.

The device is composed of three parts – measuring unit, router and computer unit for processing of datas. Measuring unit is robust with massive construction of the hydronic circuits inside and solid plastic cover.

Measuring unit insides true differential pressure sensor, circuits for very accurate pressure measuring and wireless comunication by bluetooth modul. Due to digital processing of datas the measuring unit compensate for temperature effects and non-linearity of differential pressure sensor and achieves excellent measuring accuracy.

For the incresing of accuracy of measuring on the very low differential pressure and for the eventualy draining of the air bubles in the measuring hydronic circuit is the measuring unit equiped with hydronic bypass circuit. The setting of the zero by the measuring of the differential pressure by the help of hydronic bypass circuit increase strongly the accuracy of measuring.

SBS5001 includes the characteristics of most balancing valves from major European producers in the internal memory. Choosing of the balancing valves is very simple and excludes the mistakes, because the internal database includes the pictures of the balancing valves.

SBS5001 is very userfriendly with very easy orientation in the program. The graphical color display shows in one time all needed informations for stated moment in different languages according your choice in the menu of the program.


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