Pressure Solutions

Pressure Solutions

Pressure Solutions

DST 2000

Differential Pressure Transducer with dual Programmable Current Outputs

PPlus 1000

Balancing Measuring Device

IMP 5001

Converter RS232/M-Bus


Balancing measuring device

T 650

Balancing Measuring Device

T650 measuring device is part of our mid-range balancing
equipment for hydraulic heating and cooling systems.
Instruments in this range have a completely new design,
with a separate measuring unit wirelessly connected to
a mobile device running the Android operating system.


About company

The company SV Technics Ltd. was created in 2008 from a company Miloslav Gabryš – SVTech originally founded in 1994.  The company’s expertise are in the field of pressure measurement, mainly in the area of heating and cooling systems.  The company has further expanded into the heat and power engineering field, namely the collection and analysis of energetics data.

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