Vydáno: 14.04.2021

M-Bus Level Converter

Basic information

  • Connects up to 250 M-Bus 1U devices to various PC interfaces (1U loads 1,5 mA)
  • PC interfaces RS232, USB, Ethernet (on order)
  • Supply voltage 20 up to 35 V AC/DC
  • Insulated power vs M-Bus and all interfaces
  • Insulation voltage 500 V
  • * M-Bus network can be read using the M-Bus Explorer TEN software

Converter version:

  • IMP6000L(** E) up to 250 slave units.
  • IMP6000S(** E) up to 125 slave units.


* - on oreder MBus Explorer TEN/Solution TEN software

** - on order ethernet interface

Technical details

The level converter IMP6000 is an interface between M-bus meters and reader systems. You can connect to application software through RS232, USB or Ethernet. M‑Bus output is capable connect up to 250 1U devices depending on IMP6000 version. IMP6000 conforms to EN 13757-3 and you will read data of connected devices by standard SND_NKE and REQ_UD2 commands. You can use SV Technics M-Bus Explorer Ten application for simple M-Bus reading.


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