IMP 5001

Converter RS232/M-Bus

Basic information

The converter is replaced by the IMP6000 model

  • RS232C to M-Bus interface converter
  • Complies with the EN 1434.3 standard
  • Hardware design with switched power source and low energy dissipation
  • Objem media a jednotka objemu.
  • Optional version with protocol transfer processor

Description and Use

IMP 5001 converter is designed for data collection from M-Bus, the most widely used bus unit in energetics, and complies fully with the EN 1434.3 standard. IMP 5001 can be used for the transfer speed from 300 to 9600bps with transfer from master to slave or from slave to master being executed by bus voltage or slave current respectively.

IMP 5001 converts RS232 to M-Bus interface. The converter has switched power supply and its energy dissipation is low due to the use of switched energy source. Whilst the M-Bus is conductively connected to the source voltage, the RS232 output is insulated by optocoupler. The current converter status, including transmission, reception or M-Bus short-circuit, are indicated by LEDs. Output current of the M-Bus interface is electronically limited depending on the converter version. IMP 5001 is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail.

Technical details

Two versions of IMP 5001 are manufactured as follows:

IMP5001-Sup to 125 slave units
IMP5001-Lup to 250 slave units

Software for data collection from EN 1434.3 standard slave devices and data processing in a PC are available. The MBus Explorer software collects data from connected slave devices and saves them onto a disc in a csv format. Data collection can run with pre-programmed measuring period. Furthermore, alarms of breakdown in communication or malfunctioning of measuring devices are also recorded.

The DataView software displays collected data in the form of a table or a graph. DataView also includes a feature for calculations of energy usage in a given time period.


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