Balancing measuring device

Basic information

Comming soon


  • separate measuring unit
  • fully differential pressure sensor with the 24-bit pressure processing
  • digital compensation of temperature effects and the pressure sensor nonlinearity
  • user application for mobile devices running the Android operation system
  • user application for mobile devices running
    the Android operation system (7.0 +) / *iOS
  • wireless data transfer from measuring unit to mobile via Bluetooth Low Energy technology
  • user-friendly interface
  • correction of flow calculation based on antifreeze liquid characteristics
  • easy balancing valve selection from a photographic menu
  • working with the projects
  • a record of the measured values with the capacity of up to 2,000 recordings
  • ergonomic design
  • cover IP65

Technical details

T650 measuring device is part of our mid-range balancing equipment for hydraulic heating and cooling systems.
Instruments in this range have a completely new design,with a separate measuring unit wirelessly connected to a mobile device running the Android operating system.

The T650 application has all the standard functions of our mid-range balancing devices but boasts a  significantly increased memory as compared to other hand-held devices.
In comparison to our previous models in this range, T650 is not limited by the capacity of its internal memory since the working valve database is stored on the separate mobile device.


Balancing measuring device

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