TS 2001

Pressure or liquid level switch

Basic information

  • Intelligent pressure switch ideal for indication and regulation of pressure or level hight of liquids. 
  • Piezorezistant or ceramic pressure sensor.
  • Digital data processing.
  • Defined temperature characteristics.
  • Programmable outlet pressure units, including liquid level hight.
  • Choice of outlet function settings (hysteresis option on each outlet).
  • Contactless outlets, both direct and alternative, on request.
  • Microsoft Windows compatible software for configuration and simulation of outlet

Technical details

TS2000 pressure switch is designed both to indicate pressure and to operate double-level outlets in a digital, contactless manner. It comprises either a piezorezistant or a ceramic pressure sensor and either uniflow or alternating switches. The switches are galvanised and thus separated from the power supply.  The TS2000switch functions as well as the  decisive levels and hysteresis of pressure etc. can be configured using a PC. The fully digital configuration without the need for manual manometer adjustment is one of the main advantages of TS2000. Others include high accuracy of pressure measurements and defined temperature dependencies of the sensor.  For instance, when measuring a 10m liquid level hight using a hydrostatic pressure, the resolution is only 1mm.

Technical data

Pressure sensorpiezorezistant or ceramic
Media measurednoncorrosive gases from 10 to 50 kPa, liquid or gas media compatible with stainless steel 316 over 50 kPa
Nominal pressure range (absolute or relative)

50 kPa to 40 MPa (liquid media)

10 kPa to 40 MPa in series 1,2,5 (gas media)

Maximum overload200% of nominal range
Pressure connection G1/4 and G3/4 DIN 3852
Working temperature range (medium)-20 až +120 °C
Working ambient temperature range-5 až +65 °C
Maximal error of pressure (linearity,hysteresis and reproducibility)maximum +/- 0,5 % of nominal range
Temperature error within working temperature rangemaximum +/- 1% of nominal range
Voltage supply12 to 35 V ss
Power consumptionmaximum 40 mA
Communication interphaseRS232
Number of switch outlets3
Switch types
 - uniflow switchcontactless 50 V / 10 mA ss
 - uniflow, power switchcontactless 50 V / 3 A ss
 - alternating switchcontactless 230 V / 1 A
Isolating voltage - power supply2,5 kV
Cover materialalluminium alloy
IP CodeIP 65
Dimensions100 x 100 x 58 mm
Weight415 g


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