Smart pressure switch

Basic information

  • piezoresistive or ceramic pressure sensor
  • digital data processing with compensation of temperature dependencies and non-linearity of  measurements
  • outputs programmable in pressure or level units with hysteresis option at each output
  • contactless galvanically isolated outputs with the possibility of switching DC / AC voltage
  • configuration SW for Windows

Technical details

The TS2002 smart pressure switch is designed fordiscontinuous control and indication of pressure using two-state outputs. The switch includes a piezoresistive or on request a ceramic pressure sensor depending on compatibility with the medium to be measured. Measured data are digitally processed with digital compensation of temperature dependencies and measurement nonlinearity.

The entire device is configurable from a PC, it is possible to choose the function of each switch, the level and hysteresis of the pressure for switching. The advantage of the switch is full digital setting from a PC without the need for manual tuning according to the manometer, high accuracy of pressure measurement and correction of the temperature dependence of the sensor. The pressure switch is particularly suitable, for example, for measuring the level using hydrostatic pressure, where the resolution is 1 mm at a water level of 10 m.


Technical parameters

Pressure sensorpiezoresistive or *ceramic
Measured medianon-corrosive media, corrosive
media compatible with 316
stainless steel and FKM materials
Nominal range


10 kPa to 40 MPa in series 1,2,5

Allowed overpressure+100% of the nominal range
Pressure connection

inner thread G1/4 x 10,
G1/4 DIN 3852*

Media temperature range-20 až +100 °C
Ambient temperature-5 až +60 °C
Pressure error (linearity,
hysteresis error, repeatability)
< ±0.25 % of nominal range
Temperature error within the
operating temperature range
max. ±0.5 % of the nominal range
Power supply voltage12 to 30 V DC
Consumptionmax. 30 mA
USB porttype B - inside the box
Number of outputs4
Box materialaluminium
Ingression protectionIP 65
Dimensions (W × H × L)100 x 100 x 58 mm
Weight415 g




Smart pressure switch


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