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MW Instruments B.V.
Antennestraat 26
Almere, Netherlands

Tel. +31 036 5350651,


North America:

Dick Munns Co.
10572 Calle Lee #130
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Tel. +1 7148271215,


Russian federation:

г.Москва, Ореховый
бульвар дом 7 корпус 1 ,
офис Сейфорт

Tel. +8 (495) 120-00-18, www.safort.ruRolex Day Date Replica



T 650

Balancing Measuring Device

T650 measuring device is part of our mid-range balancing
equipment for hydraulic heating and cooling systems.
Instruments in this range have a completely new design,
with a separate measuring unit wirelessly connected to
a mobile device running the Android/iOS operating system.